Friday, September 30, 2011

No champagne yet

Well, here I am .... tomorrow marks the beginning of month 4 and I'm still in the thick of it. I like to think the end is in sight, but in reality, it isn't. This past week I've been working on getting primer painted onto the now mudded and sanded drywall. Like everything else, it's proving to be a s-l-o-w process. To be fair to myself, I do work 6 days a week at 2 different jobs  so I'm tired all the time. And, let's not forget my ever-increasingly painful arthritis in my right hand. Yep, the right hand that holds the sanding block and the paint roller. However, I do have nearly 3 walls primed and ready for the texture gun. The fourth wall is giving me fits. I still have a ton of work to do on it to scrape off several layers of wallpaper that I swear were put on with superglue.

And meanwhile, fall is upon us in this mountainous corner of Oregon. The temperature is dropping at night into the 30's and I want to be sleeping in my nice warm bedroom instead of camping out in a corner of the cramped sewing room. I've got all kinds of new bedding, just waiting for the new room. I refuse to use it until I'm in there. Which is great, except I'm cold at night with my summer weave blankets. I may have to break down and buy an electric blanket.

Which reminds me, I'm taking tomorrow off (I know, I know ... how can I expect to finish the project if I take whole days off?) and having a girls' day with my sister and cousin. We're going to the big city of Moscow, Idaho and hanging out. I can't wait!

Oh, and about the champagne? It's been in my fridge since the beginning of July, just waiting to be opened that first night when I'm in my makeover bedroom.

Friday, September 16, 2011

the drywall blues

Well, I'm one step closer to being finished in the bedroom - woohoo!! I was going to take last night off because I was so sore from the night before (this is really physical work, kind of like an aerobic workout only not so cute clothes), but at 9:30 when I was getting ready to go to bed I decided that I should put in a couple of hours on the drywall. I finished at 11:45 pm. So now I have the screws and the horizontal seams mudded and sanded. Now it's time to start tackling the corners of the room. I think this is going to be a difficult step because I'm not sure how to do it. Guess I'd better start checking some online sites.

I am only 7 days away from my self-imposed deadline of September 23rd, the first day of fall. When I wrote that day in on my calendar, I was confident that I could easily make that deadline. Of course, that was before I started the drywall process. Three coats of mud and a whole lot of sanding later, I know better. Yes, I'm a wiser woman now, but I'm also almost out of ibuprofen. I should have bought stock in an ibuprofen pharmaceutical before I started this process, I'm going through them like M&M's.

And did I mention that I'm into my third month on this project? I have to laugh at myself (with a touch of scorn) when I look back nearly 4 weeks ago and read the posting predicting that I would have the sheetrock done over a weekend. Ha! Sorry sweetie, but you were an idealistic, optimistic idiot.