Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another step behind me!

Well, if I had had any help, this project would have been wrapped up back in July, I'm convinced of that. I did break open the champagne last weekend. Not because I had anything to celebrate, just because I wanted liquor. And it was horrible stuff. I mixed it half & half with orange juice and it was still horrid. So I've decided that that was my practice celebration and I'm still entitled to a real celebration as soon as I can afford a bottle of something good. Like whipped cream vodka .... have you had that? Excellent stuff.

I ordered up the texture gun. It is supposed to be dropped off at my house along with the air compressor that runs it. Oh my gosh. I can feel another nightmare coming up fast. Old John at the rental store warned me that this was a complicated machine and process, which did not make me feel optimistic or confident. I just see disaster written all over this next step.

However, before I can start the process of spraying texture on my beautiful, pristine white walls, I have to tape off the ceiling, windows, doors, floor, electrical boxes, etc etc. Or so my brother tells me. He is actually going to come over on Saturday and help me with the spray gun. I have a vision of myself with a backpack and hose (a la "Ghostbusters") and this stuff coming out with the pressure of a fire hose. Probably won't be quite so dramatic, but I bet it will prove to be just as messy. 

Meanwhile, it may be fall, but here in this neck of the woods it is c-o-l-d at night. I need to be moved into my bedroom! Camping out in the sewing room has lost all of it's initial fun-ness. I want to break out all my new blankets and - - best of all -- my new heated mattress pad. I know I swore I wasn't going to do it until the bedroom was completely done but I'm getting twitchy about it. Plus I can't wait to see how the new Cadet heater works. It's been 21 years waiting for a heater in that bedroom, and folks, I deserve to be warm!