Monday, July 4, 2011

Bedroom Project Day 1

Here it is, July 4th and the last day of my 3 days off (well, 2 days since I had to work Sunday) and I'm just now getting started on my bedroom remodel. Just for the record, I already know that I'm WAY over my head. I did manage to get all the furniture (why is it so heavy??) moved to the center of the room. I've peeled off the old peeling wallpaper from one entire wall and half of another. And guess what I found underneath? Ancient old cracked plaster, several layers of it. Also more wallpaper. And worst of all: there's mold. I wasn't prepared for that. After I look up what kind of fix I need to do on that, I'll be heading to Ace Hardware. Oh, and here's another thing: one of the reasons why I didn't start this project earlier in my weekend is because I can't get the lid ofof the 60-pound bucket of compound mix that I'm putting (skim coat) on the walls. I worked and worked at it last night with every tool that I own, which admittedly is not a lot. Obviously those lids are put on for contractors, not for 60-year old women with more ideas than muscles (or sense).

Wish me luck.

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