Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bedroom remodel Day 6

I started this remodel thinking it was merely going to be a paint job, but boy has it grown into something much bigger. I now have nearly one whole wall demo'd down to the lath strips. I had thought that that would be as far as I would go, but I now plan to remove the lath strips, exposing the 2 x 4's so I can get insulation on the walls. Which will be a new concept in this old house. My bedroom is the farthest away from the wood stove in the living room, and because I heat with wood, that is the last room to warm up. So I think that some insulation on the two exterior walls in particular will be ultimately worth it. Although I admit it sounds a little daunting, even to me.

And you wouldn't believe the amount of RUBBLE that this is creating in my bedroom. Probably there is dust throughout the house at this point, although I'm trying my hardest not to find it. I'm going to talk to my 16-year old nephew and see if he's interested in making a little money and a lot of good will points with me and haul away the ton (or more) of plaster chunks, strips and strips of old wallpaper, and just plain old wall dirt that is 101 years old. Yuck.

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